Wide Finder 2 : adding agents

wide finder 2 — cgrand, 23 June 2008 @ 17 h 44 min

Below is the code that allows me to make the serial code parallel without too much effort: by replacing a doseq with a pdoseq.

(<ins>p</ins>doseq line (-> (. System in) (java.io.InputStreamReader. "US-ASCII") java.io.BufferedReader. line-seq)
    <ins>[u-hits (merge-with +), u-bytes (merge-with +), s404s (merge-with +), clients (merge-with +), refs (merge-with +)]</ins>

This new line specifies how to merge each var that can be mutated.
The input is split into batches of 10000 lines (hardcoded, sorry) that are processed in independent threads. The results of each batch are then merged using the specified rules.

NB: merge-with is the Clojure’s function for merging two maps. Here for each var it is specified that intermediate values must be merged as maps while adding values on key collisions.

Runtime on 10M lines on a Core 2 Duo (serial: 2m45s):

real    1m36.296s
user    3m2.651s
sys     0m3.536s

It doesn’t work that well on the T2000:

Serial code (for 1M lines):
real    2m43.273s
user    4m11.942s # user > real because of parallel GC
sys     0m16.093s

Parallel code (for 1M lines):
real    0m37.121s
user    3m59.365s
sys     0m13.944s

You need to know that Clojure takes 11s to boot on this computer, so without Clojure’s boot time: we got a 15x ((3m59s – 11s)/(37s – 11s)) speedup, far from 32x. That’s because the main loop dispatching batches of lines to workers can’t keep pace.

On the whole, I’m happy with these first results: using Clojure I had been able to make the serial code run in parallel without much changes to the main logic.

The code below can’t handle the full data set (200M lines) mainly because of: memory requirements and some “malformed” log lines.

So far my best runtime on the whole dataset is 27 minutes.

To be continued…

;;;;;;;;;;; helper code
(defn pfor-each 
 "equivalent to (reduce merge-fn agent-init (map work-fn s)) but with some
  parallelism (several map workers but only one reducer)"
 [s work-fn agent-init merge-fn]
  (let [nagents (.. Runtime (getRuntime) (availableProcessors))
        agents (map agent (replicate nagents nil))
        result (agent agent-init)]
    ((fn [[agent & etc-agents] s] ;a fn and not a loop to be sure to not retain
                                  ;a reference to the head of the sequence
       (if-let [x & etc] s
           (await agent) ;awaiting agent to not flood memory under pending jobs
           (when-let r @agent 
             (send result merge-fn r))
           (send agent work-fn x)
           (recur etc-agents etc))
           (doseq agent agents
             (await agent)
             (when-let r @agent
                (send result merge-fn r)))
           (await result)
           @result))) (cycle agents) s)))

(defn batch 
 "Returns a lazy sequence of lists of n items each -- the last one may have less
 [s n] (when s (lazy-cons (take n s) (batch (drop n s) n))))

(defmacro pdoseq 
 "Like doseq except you have to specify how to merge vars mutated by the body."
 [item s merge-rules & body]
  (let [captured-vars (take-nth 2 merge-rules)
        mergers (take-nth 2 (drop 1 merge-rules))
        init-syms (take (count captured-vars) (repeatedly gensym))
        syms-a (take (count captured-vars) (repeatedly gensym))
        syms-b (take (count captured-vars) (repeatedly gensym))
        result-syms (take (count captured-vars) (repeatedly gensym))]
    `(let [[~@init-syms :as init#] [~@captured-vars]
           work# (fn [_# items#]
                      (binding [~@(interleave captured-vars init-syms)]
                        (doseq ~item items#
           merger# (fn [[~@syms-a] [~@syms-b]]
                     (vector ~@(map #((if (seq? %1) concat cons) %1 %&) mergers syms-a syms-b)))
           [~@result-syms] (pfor-each (batch ~s 10000) work# init# merger#)]
        ~@(map list (repeat `set!) captured-vars result-syms))))

;;;;;;;;;;;; main code
(def u-hits)
(def u-bytes)
(def s404s)
(def clients)
(def refs)

(defmacro acc [h k v]
  `(set! ~h (assoc ~h ~k (+ (get ~h ~k 0) ~v))))

(defn top [n h] ; the previous top function wasn't a real port of Tim Bray's one
  (loop [top-n (replicate n (first {"-" 0})) kvs (seq h)]
    (if-let [[k v :as kv] & etc] kvs
      (if (> v (val (first top-n)))
        (let [[lt gt] (split-with #(< (val %) v) (rest top-n))]
          (recur (concat lt (cons kv gt)) etc))
        (recur top-n etc))
      (reverse top-n))))

(defn record [client u bytes ref]
  (acc u-bytes u bytes)
  (when (re-matches #"^/ongoing/When/\\d\\d\\dx/\\d\\d\\d\\d/\\d\\d/\\d\\d/[^ .]+$" u)
    (acc u-hits u 1)
    (acc clients client 1)
    (when-not (or (= ref "\"-\"") (re-find #"^\"http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/" ref)
      (acc refs (subs ref 1 (dec (count ref))) 1))))) ; lose the quotes

(defn printf [#^String fmt & args]
  (let [f (java.util.Formatter. *out*)]
     (.format f (. java.util.Locale ENGLISH) fmt (to-array args))))

(defn report
  ([label hash] (report label hash false))
  ([label hash shrink]
    (println (str "Top " label ":"))
    (let [fmt (if shrink " %9.1fM: %s\n" " %10d: %s\n")]
      (doseq [key val] (top 10 hash)
        (let [key (if (< 60 (count key)) (str (subs key 0 60) "...") key)
              val (if shrink (/ val 1024.0 1024.0) val)]
          (printf fmt val key))))

(binding [u-hits {} u-bytes {} s404s {} clients {} refs {}]
  (pdoseq line (-> (. System in) (java.io.InputStreamReader. "US-ASCII") java.io.BufferedReader. line-seq)
    [u-hits (merge-with +), u-bytes (merge-with +), s404s (merge-with +), clients (merge-with +), refs (merge-with +)]
    (let [f (.split #"\\s+" line)]
      (when (= "\"GET" (get f 5))
        (let [[client u status bytes ref] (map #(get f %) [0 6 8 9 10])]
            (= "200" status) (record client u (.parseInt Integer bytes) ref)
            (= "304" status) (record client u 0 ref)
            (= "404" status) (acc s404s u 1))))))

  (print (count u-hits) "resources," (count s404s) "404s," (count clients) "clients\n\n")

  (report "URIs by hit" u-hits)
  (report "URIs by bytes" u-bytes true)
  (report "404s" s404s)
  (report "client addresses" clients)
  (report "referrers" refs)
;;; explicit exit to shut down agent threads
(. System exit 0)


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