Content-Defined Dependency Shading

unsorted — cgrand, 9 March 2018 @ 14 h 16 min

Shading is the practice of renaming a dependency and embed it in a project to be sure it won’t conflict with another version of itself (it’s a good time to go watch or rewatch Rich Hickey’s Spec-ulation).

For Unrepl we rely on shading extensively as we don’t want the code injected by the client to interfere with running code or even tools running a different strain of Unrepl.

That’s how we ended with the idea of content-defined shading: choose a granularity of shading (e.g. namespace or all eps, or whole project), compute a hash (in our case SHA1, thus we are SHA-ding!) on it and use the hash in the renaming process.

Doing so we end with stable names that don’t depend on date, version or commit.


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