Extensible macros (A flatter cond follow-up)

unsorted — cgrand, 21 September 2012 @ 8 h 51 min

I pushed Utils out. It features reduce-by but also variations on cond (the ones introduced in the comments of A Flatter Cond) and if-let.

cond supports the following operators: :let, :when, :when-let and vectors in test position are treated as the binding form to a if-let (thus setting the local bindings) for the “then” expression not for the rest of the cond.

if-let supports :let to introduce new bindings without testing their expression for truth.

One notable twist to these macros is that thanks to net.cgrand.xmacros they are extensible: new operators can safely be participated to the macros (proper namespacing is enforced). See the cond implementation, abbreviated below:

(defmacro cond
 "An extensible variation on cond. Trailing else is supported.
keywords in test position are treated as operators.

Operators impls signature is [rhs else] where rhs is the \"then\"
expression next to the operator."
  [& clauses]
  (when-let [[op rhs & more-clauses] (seq clauses)]
    (if (next clauses)
      (x/expand-op op rhs `(cond ~@more-clauses))

(x/defdefault-op cond [test-expr then else]
  (if (vector? test-expr)
    `(if-let ~test-expr ~then ~else)
    `(if ~test-expr ~then ~else)))

(x/defop cond :let
  "Introduces local bindings."
  [bindings cont]
  `(let ~bindings ~cont))

(x/defop cond :when
  "Short-circuits the rest of the cond if false"
  [test-expr cont]
  `(when ~test-expr ~cont))

(x/defop cond :when-let
 "Short-circuits the rest of the cond if false and introduces local
  [bindings cont]
  `(when-let ~bindings ~cont))

A flatter cond

utilities — cgrand, 17 June 2011 @ 14 h 44 min

Long time, no post. I’ve had two hiatus (one of this kind and one of that kind) and I’m still going through the pile of accumulated work (including the bird book — it’s a painted snipe).

To warm up, a little macro I find quite handy:

(ns flatter.cond
  (:refer-clojure :exclude [cond]))

(defmacro cond 
  "A variation on cond which sports let bindings:
       (odd? a) 1
       :let [a (quot a 2)]
       (odd? a) 2
       :else 3)" 
  [& clauses]
  (when-let [[test expr & clauses] (seq clauses)]
    (if (= :let test)
      `(let ~expr (cond ~@clauses))
      `(if ~test ~expr (cond ~@clauses)))))
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